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Mystic Pigeon's Gaming Patreon

Aztec Pyramid from Mystic Pigeon Gaming, part of May 2020's Patreon reward.

I have just launched my Patreon page! I have 3 tiers available ranging from £3 for monthly digital files to £50 for physical items each month.

Each tier gets digital files, access to behind the scenes photos and blogs, access to my discord server while Artificers and above get monthly discount codes and more models/variants.

Check out Mystic Pigeon Gaming on Patreon

Demons and Elves (July 2020, Patreon release)

Elf Tower Render from Mystic Pigeon gaming for home 3D printing.

July 2020's Patreon release is demons and Elves featuring building inspired by Myth Drannor and demonic constructs such as the war bike and infernal war machine.

  1. Air spire - huge Elven tower designed in modular segments.

  2. Avriel and High elf priest mini

  3. Priest of bane mini

  4. Infernal war machine + running crew mini(s)

  5. Infernal war bike + rider mini

  6. Elven manor house modular walls, gate house and guard post

  7. Demonic city / Sc Fi modular city / estate walls

  8. Balor demon mini

  9. Hezrou demon mini

  10. Demonic sacrifice stone mini(s)


Over 69 files for your printing pleasure (strict non-commercial licence, home use only).

Alchemy and Air (June 2020, Patreon release)

June (2020) Patreon release will consist of ...

  • Elemental Airship / Ocean ship

  • 43 OpenLOCK compatible tiles /walls to make an alchemy lab.

  • Observatory with telescope (modular with OpenLOCK compatible parts)

  • Alchemy artefact scatter terrain with 3 variants

  • Lab scatter terrain including equipment tables, tesla coils, experimental subject table & restraints

  • Chimera mini

  • Gorilla Chimera mini

  • Escaped test subject mini

  • Bomber pterodactyl mini

  • Alchemy potion master mini

  • Armed pirate & noble woman mini

Elemental Air Ship 1 June 2020 Mystic Pi

Welcome Pack

Welcome Pack 1 Mystic Pigeon Gamings Pat

When you join my Patreon you will receive a welcome pack of digital files for home 3D printing (these are in addition to the monthly files you will receive).  

Currently the welcome pack includes

  • Zelmars keep dice tower / scatter terrain

  • Zelmars keep (variant 2 with dice tray and extra tower)

  • Elf gate - portal to the fey wilds

  • Tech gate - a Sci-Fi teleportation gate

  • Bio bed for your medical bay

  • Computer - L shaped interface

  • Dice jail for misbehaving dice

  • Astra militarum objective markers (1 to 3)

  • Side board and cupboard for your tavern / cottage

  • Side table and two chair designs

  • Candelabra

  • Dice box (round, screw bottom)

  • Dice box (round magnetic bottom)

  • Dice box (large for 3 sets of dice with integrated dice tray)

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