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August 2020 Patron Rewards

Lab subject on vertical table  from Mystic Pigeon Gaming

August 2020's Patron rewards were all themed around Alchemy and Air. Featuring the elemental air ship, chimera miniatures,. modular observatory and similar items.

  • Elemental Airship / Ocean ship

  • 43 OpenLOCK compatible tiles /walls to make an alchemy lab.

  • Observatory with telescope (modular with OpenLOCK compatible parts)

  • Alchemy artefact scatter terrain with 3 variants

  • Lab scatter terrain including equipment tables, tesla coils, experimental subject table & restraints

  • Chimera mini

  • Gorilla Chimera mini

  • Escaped test subject mini

  • Bomber pterodactyl mini

  • Alchemy potion master mini

  • Armed pirate & noble woman mini

Elemental Air Ship 1 June 2020 Mystic Pi
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