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Welcome Pack

When you become one of my patrons, you'll get the current months release along with the ever increasing welcome pack full of STL files for home 3d printing. New files are always being added to the welcome pack, so every month new Patrons get more and more goodies to enhance their table top game.

Become a Patron of Mystic Pigeon Gaming
Welcome Pack 1 Mystic Pigeon Gamings Patreon

​Currently the welcome pack includes

  • Zelmars keep dice tower / scatter terrain

  • Zelmars keep (variant 2 with dice tray and extra tower)

  • Elf gate - portal to the fey wilds

  • Tech gate - a Sci-Fi teleportation gate

  • Bio bed for your medical bay

  • Computer - L shaped interface

  • Dice jail for misbehaving dice

  • Astra militarum objective markers (1 to 3)

  • Side board and cupboard for your tavern / cottage

  • Side table and two chair designs

  • Candelabra

  • Dice box (round, screw bottom)

  • Dice box (round magnetic bottom)

  • Dice box (large for 3 sets of dice with integrated dice tray)

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