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The Gravekeeper, lord of the dead.

This week (June 2022) I have released some new miniatures which includes the Gravekeeper, lord of the dead, skeleton gladiator minions, skeleton farmers and the skeleton cannoneer crew.

The Gravekeeper is designed as a central boss character for your ttrpg game (such as Dungeons and Dragons), they wield powerful magic, command a small army of the dead and have some unique actions and legendary actions. You'll find the complete D&D 5th edition stat block for the Gravekeeper in the PDF download (found at the bottom of this page).

While the Gravekeeper is a powerful character, they can be weakened by luring them outside the range of their graveyards/crypts. When they are lured more than 200 ft from these places of power, the Gravekeper will lose the ability to use their legendary actions, which only become usable again if they move back into the 200ft range.


Legendary Actions

Each round the Gravekeeper can use up to 3 legendary actions which range from necrotic blasts to summoning spirits of the damned to assail targets.

Divine Spear: the Gravekeeper carries a tainted divine spear corrupted with necrotic energy. They can channel a blast of necrotic damage through the spear to harm enemies. This also weakens the target's constitution, making them more susceptible to the Gravekeeper's other attacks.

Tomb Walk: the caster can teleport to open graves, tomb stones or crypts within range, they can even take 2 minions along with them. This ability makes it hard to surround or trap the Gravekeeper while within their home terrain.

Call of the dead: Rip a hole in the fabric of space allowing haunted spirits to flood an area. These spirits attack all enemies within a 10ft radius.

Download the D&D 5th edition stat block for the Undead Grave keeper.

The Gravekeeper - Mystic Pigeon Gaming
Download PDF • 1.46MB

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