Build up your science fiction / cyberpunk terrain set with our communications bunker files for home 3D printing. Out bunker, comms array and accessories fit well into Star Wars, Warhammer 40k and shadowrun games.


Whats included?


Communications bunker (with 2 variant bases) with removable lid, the lid has 3 versions two with a section for interchangeable items such as the tower comms array or the large extractor grill. 


Geodesic communications array (interchangeable with extractor and comms array roof choice)


Portable communications tower with 2 different dishes.


Computer terminal (two variants)


Some of the parts come presupported (for resin printers).


Digital files supplied have a strict non-commercial, personal use only licence. You are not allowed to share, sub-licence, rent, sell, distribute the 3D files supplied nor 3D printed versions (including - but not limited to - remixes of this object, and hosting on other digital platforms). The objects may not be used in any way whatsoever in which you charge money, collect fees, or receive any form of remuneration.


Digital items can not be refunded.

Communications bunker (3D home printing files)


Files are suplied as 3mf files contained within a zip file. If your slicer does not supprot 3mf files then you can easily convert to STL files using free programs such as windows 3D builder or a myriad of online services.