These roleplaying, tabletop and Dungeons and Dragons Christmas crackers make a great stocking filler. Each one contains two items, one random resin miniature and one other item selected at random from terrain, miniatures, dice, dice jails, dice vaults and other role palying / d&d related items.

Miniatures are picked at random from the following items (this is not a comprehensive list of the miniatures which we will pick from)


- Beholder on lava flight stand (mystic pigeon gaming sculpt)

- Hammer spiritual weapon

- Eldritch gate summoning ritual (tentacles miniature)

- Shield Golem with flail and energy shield

- Shield Golem with gun and energy shield

- Demons / Devils (we have 20 different demons and devils ranging from Hezrous and Spined devils to Balors and pit fiends)

- Tiefling miniature

- Hero miniatures ranging from human fighters to dragonborn sorcerers

- Selection of undead creatues including Mummies and vampies

- Wyvern

- Young dragons


Terrain, and RPG related items (this is not a comprehensive list of the terrain / rpg / tabletop items which we will pick from)


- Goblin barricades (resin)

- Town well

- Tents

- Camp site accessories

- Bar / cottage furniture

- Castle decor including busts statues and thrones

- Eldritch gates

- Portals 

- Church terrain such as pews, alters and candles

- Graveyard terrain including tomb stones, ornate crypts, and coffins

- Dice jails

- Dice Vaults

- Country/Castle Jail terrain with working door

- Broken castle walls scatter terrain

- Dungeon scatter terrain

- AoE / spell templates

- RPG tokens (condition and spell markers)

- Objective markers

- Church scatter terrain (pews, fonts and statues)

- Manor house scatter terrain (tables, chairs, paintings, mirrors, statues and more)


Whats included: 1x Christmas cracker containing 1 resin miniature and 1 random item (picked from terrain, dice jail, dice vault, miniatures, rpg/D&D accessories)


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D&D miniatures and terrain Christmas Crackers Stocking Filler

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