Send us your STL file from hero forge and we will 3d print your mini at 0.04 mm layer height (thats 20 layers per millimetre!!) in high quality resin on either an SLA or DLP printer. We can also paint your miniature for you (you must obtain a STL file form Heroforge, we do not provide the STL files).
Once you have purchased this service please send your STL files to . We can not offer refunds on custom print miniatures, other then refunds for defects in the printing process.


We can print multiple copies of the same miniature at a reduced cost.


If you choose any painted option then please allow an extra 7 days for delivery. We aim to get your print done within 2 days of purchase, this is not always possible and can take up to 7 days before dispatch.

Large size models: any model which is greater than 6 cm in any dimension is classified as a large model for printing. We can print non heroforge STL files, but we do need to see them first to check print-ability and size/volume uses to determine price.


Size (standard): a miniture which measures no more than 6 cm in height and fits on a standard 25 / 28 mm base.

Size (large): a miniature which measures no more than 10cm in height and fully fits on a 50mm base (including tale / any protuding items)

If you have a figure which does not meet the above size guides, then please contact us about a custom print order.


Note: Mystic pigeon gaming is selling a service to print a file which you have obtained legally from heroforge, we are not selling figures themselves but the materials, time and/or painting a hero forge miniature. While we use a very low layer height this is a 3d printed item and might have some visible layer lines, we will sand and finish the model as best we can before sending it out to reduce the chances of seeing any layer lines.

Heroforge STL3D printing and painting service

PriceFrom £4.45
Miniature size
Number of minis

Custom made items can not be returned with the exception of printing / manufacturing errors.