Ungar made camp on the banks of the peaceful river, a bounty of food roasting over the camp fire as smoke wafts into the air ... Nothing could possibly go wrong ....


Bring your tabletop, roleplaying or war games to life with camp fire scatter terrain.


Whats included?


Each pack type contains unpainted resin miniatures.


Camping set 1: 1 x tent, 1 x camp fire (fire, and two spits)


Tent Only: 1 tent


2 Tents: 2 tents


Large camping set 1: 3 tents, 1 x camp fire and two spits


Fire Only: 1 x camp fire and two spits


Item sizes (all are approximate measurements.)


Tent: 4.7 cm tall by 7.8 cm x 4.8 cm

Tent and campfire miniature set

PriceFrom £3.39
Pack style


Price valid until: August 2019