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Enchanted Forests and Alien Worlds

The enchanted forests and alien worlds collection is a new set of trees, plants and rock formations to enhance your tabletop game.

These items make great alien worlds for your Warhammer 40k table, or as fey forest features in the feywilds or underdark in your Dungeons and Dragons game.

I will be adding to this collection on a regular basis. The starter set has 8 items ranging from weird bulbous trees to spiked lillys and mushroom trees.

Alien Fairy Forest Sample from Mystic Pigeon Gaming

Mushroom tree (free sample STL)

Got a 3D printer and want to print out a test piece? Then you can download the mushroom tree (basic version) free of charge (non-commercial use only).

Mushroom tree from Enchanted forests and alien worlds by Mystic Pigeon Gaming

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