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40k corner fort A sample Mystic Pigeon Gaming

Services from Mystic Pigeon Gaming

Looking for high quality 3D terrain for your tabletop game? STL files to print at home or someone to paint your miniatures? Then check out my services and products.

Terrain and Miniatures

I offer a wide selection of terrain and miniatures all designed and made by Mystic Pigeon Gaming. 

I use a mixture of traditional crafting techniques and materials combined with resin and FDM printers to create great items for your tabletop games.

Hand painted options are available for some products such as the Executioners set.

Executioners Set (Painted miniatures) by Michael from Mystic Pigeon Gaming

3D Printing

Looking for something to print at home? Need a bunker for your warhammer or star wars game? A handmans platform, well or furniture for your D&D game?  Then check out my digital section which contains an ever growing collection of files for non-commercial home 3d printing.

Communications bunker set for home 3d printing fro Mystic Pigeon Gaming
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