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Cactus Miniatures

Get some cactus miniatures to decorate your diorama or use in tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons and Warhammer. These miniatures were desinged by Mystic Pigeon Gaming and created in resin using 3D printers.




Cage Dice Jail for misbehaving dice

When your dice misbehave on a critical save, attack or ability check then give them a time out in one of our cute little dice jails! Dice jail / dice cage with a screw bottom.

Size (small cage, approximate): 10 cm tall ...


Cave Troll (unpainted resin miniature)

Cave troll miniature for dungeons and dragons or similiar tabletop games.


Size (approximate): 7 cm tall x 6 cm x 5 cm
Sculpted by: Michael Wood
Whats included: 1 x unpain...


Cave troll prospector unpainted resin miniature

Deep in the gold mines you'll find all sorts trying to strike it rich, including the cave troll prospector. A great miniature for your Dungeons and Dragons or similar tabletop game.


Sculpted by: Michael Woo...


Chaos temple or warlock altar with broken variant (Dungeons and Dragons)

Enhance your tabletop terrain with the chaos / warlock alter, with broken variant and optional flag + base.


Size (altar, approximate): 5.2 cm x 3.3 cm x 2.3 cm
Size (flag, approximate): 6.5 ...


Chemical Vats (STL Files home printing)

Print out your own Ace Chemicals or industrail factory for Sci Fi and tabletop gaming.


Note: These are STL files desinged for home printing, if you want to purchase premade items please check out our Resin/PLA ...



Chemical Vats 3D table top terrain

Build your chemical factory terrain for Sci Fi, industrial and cyberpunk tabletop games such as Warhammer 40k, Starfinder, Shadowrun, Star Wars D20 and similar games.

3 Vats: Get all 3 vat designs
Vat 1</stro...


Citadel Paint pot and brush holder (laser cut plywood)

Laser cut citadel paint pot and brush holder with lid support. Helps prevent spilt paints while holding citadel paint pot lids, the included supports also allow you to keep your brushes close by.


Size (approximate)</str...


Communications bunker (3D home printing files)

Build up your science fiction / cyberpunk terrain set with our communications bunker files for home 3D printing. Out bunker, comms array and accessories fit well into Star Wars, Warhammer 40k and shadowrun games.


Whats inc...



Communications dish resin sci fi miniature (Necromunda,Warhammer 40k, Star Wars)

Sci Fi / Industrial communications array for your wargame / tabletop game terrain or as part of a diorama.  Works great in game such as Warhammer 40k, Necromunda, or Star Wars Legion.


Size (approximate): 8...


Computer with over head display, Sci Fi / Industrial miniature for tabletop game

Populate your Sci Fi terrain, factory, office or starship with this computer miniature from Mystic Pigeon Gaming.




Computer 1: Resin miniature with overhead screen


Cottage/bar furniture set (28 mm scale)

Furnish your tabletp cottage, bar or simple house with these cute little tables, chairs, sideboard and accessories.


Basic set whats included? 1x side board with decorations, 1 x table with decorations, 2 x...


Council / War Chamber table and chairs (D&D tabletop terrain)

Decorate your war council / planning room with this table and chairs from Mystic Pigeon Gaming.

Whats included?


Each option (selected from the drop down menus) comes with a different set of furniture....


Crypt/Church graveyard tabletop terrain (D&D / Warhammer)

Gothic style crypt for your tabletop / wargames such as Dungeons and Dragons, or warhammer 40k/age of Sigmar.


PLA Crypt: PLA printed crypt (door is still made in resin)

PLA + Resin: PLA printed body with resin towers on t...


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