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Pathfinder 2nd edition spell and condition markers

Condition set 1: You get 1 each of the following markers in the condition set 1 pack. Blinded, Clumsy, Concealed, Confused, Controlled, Dazzled, Deafened, Doomed, Drained, Dying, Encumbered, Enfeebled, Fascinated, Fatigued, Flat ...


Pathfinder pawns cardboard cut out holders

Holders for use with Pathfinder pawns cardboard cut outs or similiar items. A cheap and easy way to add 2d/3d elements into your table top games (such as Dungeons and Draogns or Pathfinder).


These holders have a slot which can ...


Pathfinder pawns cardboard cut out holders (STL for 3D printing)

Simple styalised holder for your Pathfinder Pawns (cardboard monster, creature  and character cut outs for use in tabletop game such as Pathfinder and Dungeons and Dragons).

The zip file contains 3 sizes a 25 mm base, 28mm base and a ...



Pick your own Condition and spell markers for roleplaying games

Help players and your dungeon master keep track of all the status conditions and effects which can sometimes get a little lost during roleplaying / tabletop gaming.


These simple rings can be placed over a miniature to indicate ...


Plants from Enchanted Forests and Alien Worlds

Miniatures for your tabletop Dungeons and Dragons, pathfinder or Warhammer age of Sigmar game. These resin miniatures from Mystic Pigeon Gaming make a great fey/enchanted forest or alien world.





The void lords claimed these minis

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