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Santa Beholder Christmas Tree Decoration / Ornament

Decorate your Christmas tree with this beholder/eye tyrant miniature from Mystic Pigeon Gaming. Our Santa Beholder comes with a hook and string to make your Xmas tree that little bit more geeky,


Santa Beholder Miniature and Xmas Tree Ornament

Decorate your xmas tree or use this santa beholder ain your Dungeons and Dragons Christmas one shot.


Note: These are STL files desinged for home printing, if you want to purchase a physical version of this item...



Sci Fi Barrels (resin table top miniatures)

Decorate your science fiction tabletop games with these resin barrels.


Size: barrels are approximately 24 mm x 18 mm 8 18 mm


Barrel set 1: 8 x unpainted, resin Sci-Fi style b...


Sci Fi Lab/Bunker modular building

Add some scatter terrain to your Warhammer 40k, Kill team or Star wars roleplaying game with this Bunker/Lab with removeable lid.


Size: 9cm ength (appox), 9cm width (appox), 7 mc height (appox)





Shield generators x 2 resin Sci Fi scatter terrain

Protect your bases with advanced shield generator technology, just hope no rebels sneak in to disable them! These high quality resin tabletop miniatures make great scatter terrain fo your sci fi / cyberpunk tabletop or roleplaying games.



Shrine of the damned Dice Jail from Mystic Pigeon Gaming

Treat misbehaving dice to a time out in Mystic Pigeons Shrine of the damned dice jail. This handy little tabletop gaming accessories also makes a great terrain piece for your warhammer, AoS, D&D or similar tabletop game.




Siege Triceratops

Terrorise your players with the siege triceratops from Mystic Pigeon Gaming. This resin miniatures works great in the forest of Chult for your Throne of Annihilation Dungeons and Dragons campaign. 


Size (triceratop...


Spell Slot Tracking Box for Dungeons and Dragons / Pathfinder

Track your character spells slots during your Dungeons and Dragons, 3rd edition, 5th edition and Pathfinder games with Mystic Pigeons Gamings dice spell slot trackng box with magnetic seals.


Note on D6: the D6'...


Spell, Condition and Status markers/tokens for Dungeons and Dragons

Get 350+ STL files to print on your own 3d printer for less than a cup of coffee. These markers are great for helping combat flow faster, allowing players and DM's to keep track of what conditions and spells are in effect.





Spike Lilly (Enchanted forests and alien world)

Delve into alien worlds and fey forests with twisted seed trees from Mystic Pigeon Gaming, part of the enchanted forests and alien worlds collection.

These dangerous spike lilly plants are great for the fey wilds or underdark in Dungeon...


Star gate (warp gate) scatter terrain (Warhammer, 40k, Age of Sigmar, Starfinder

Travel worlds or to other planes of existance in style with this sci fi star gate (warp gate) scatter terrain, perfect for warhammer 40k, kill team 40k tables or similiar sci fi based roleplaying games.


Star gate (warp gate) scatter terrain (Warhammer, 40k, Age of Sigmar, Starfinder

STL file for home printing.


Digital files supplied have a strict non-commercial, personal use only licence. You are not allowed to share, sub-licence, rent, sell, distribute the 3D files supplied nor 3D printed versions (in...



STL Arcane Crystals / Ritual Crystals (3d home printing)

Arcane crystals on a ritual stand in different styles for use in tabletop games such as Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, Age of Sigmar, Frostgrave, pathfinder and similar tabletop / roleplaying games.


Whats included</st...



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