Camp site scatter terrain from off cuts and failed prints

Sometimes no matter how well maintained your machines are, how well you clean everything, prepare files and optimise print settings, things do fail! Every failure wastes materials such as resin, PLA, PETG and similar materials. So what do you do with these failed prints? Throw them away .... Not a chance, we turn failed prints into dioramas or cut them up and use them in other projects. I never throw anything away!

I love making terrain for Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, Starfinder and a myriad other tabletop games. This camp site is a quick build which took a whole 30 minutes to complete (not including the printing time for the tents or tree).

Camp site diorama made from scrap and waste materials (By Mystic Pigeon Gaming)

This camping site diorama is made from scraps of XPS foam, two tents (which had slight print defects) and a resin tree which also had a print defect. While the resin prints did not meet my standards for sale, they are great items to make into a diorama where flocking, paint and scatter items can be used to hide any imperfections.

Camp site diorama made from scrap and waste materials (By Mystic Pigeon Gaming)

Materials used

  1. XPS foam off cuts

  2. 2 x resin tents (esun bio resin)

  3. 1 x resin tree (esun bio resin)

  4. PVA glue

  5. Jarvis mixed flocking (the large bush like flocking)

  6. Pencil shavings .... yes that's right shavings from a pencil!

  7. A coffee grinder .....

  8. Inks and paints

Its a pretty normal list of items for making such a diorama, but what are the pencil shavings and coffee grinder for? Simple flocking, made from pencil shavings and ink!

To make your pencil shaving flocking, simply grind the pencil shavings in a coffee grinder, you can adjust the settings to get a coarse or very fine effect as required. Empty out the shavings into a bowl and add inks to colour (in this case it was a green game ink from vallejo). Mix shavings and ink then spread into a thin layer and allow to dry!

Camp site diorama made from scrap and waste materials (By Mystic Pigeon Gaming)

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