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Mystic Pigeon Gaming

Space elves warwalker miniature from Mystic Pigeon Gaming

Get a mystery box full of miniatures and/or terrain pieces from Mystic Pigeon Gaming every month.

You have two options, a fantasy themed box, or a Sci Fi themed box. The fantasy option is a great choice for building up your collection of minis and terrain suitable for Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder and similar tabletop games.  The Sci Fi box contains minis and terrain compatible with Warhammer 40k, Starfinder and similar space themed tabletop/wargames.

Fantasy crypt tabletop terrain for Dungeons and Dragons or Age of Sigmar.

Choose your pricing plan

  • Fantasy Themed Mystery Box (Uk only)

    Every month
    Monthly shipment of fantasy themed miniatures, terrain or gaming accessories.
    • Monthly mystery box of miniatures and/or terrain.
  • Sci Fi Themed Mystery Box (Uk only)

    Every month
    Get a monthly box of Sci Fi themed miniatures and/or terrain items from Mystic Pigeon Gaming.
    • Monthly sci fi mystery box
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