Scatter terrain / accessories for your Sci-Fi  /Industrial / Cyberpunk tabletop/wargames, such as warhammer 40k, star wars legion or Necromunda.


What's included: each set has the following items


3 Ammo Crates: 3 x resin ammo crates with removeable lids


Empty manual trolley: push trolley with 4 wheels (no tools)


Repair manual trolley: push trolley with repair tools and welding / oxygen tank


Anti Grav Trolley: anti grav trolley (no accessories)


Combo Pack 1: 1 x Anti Grav Trolley, 3 ammo crates and 1 repair trolley


Note: All sets include unpainted resin miniatures.

Industrial repair and anti-grav trolleys with ammo crates

PriceFrom £2.95
Pack style

Resin, 3D printed.