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D&D combat encounter tracking

Combat encounters are a fun and engaging part of Dungeons and Dragons from encounters with goblins, battling fearsome undead or even gods themselves. Talented Dungeon Masters and players can turn i roll to hit with my longsword into an inspiring, graphic detailed descriptions of what happens in combat.

What with making combat engaging with vivid descriptions, tracking health initiative/combat orders, locations, conditions, spells and much more it can become a little complex to keep track of everything without bogging down combat which can lead to players becoming unfocused and a loss of immersion.

Back when I started playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons in the 1990's we had mismatched collections of minis, cardboard cut outs and tokens to represent creatures, items and locations, plus we used all manor of rings to mark effects such as someone being poisoned.

Now in 2019 we use custom made tokens and markers for all manor of spells, effects and conditions with highlighted text, mini trays with inbuilt numbers for initiative / target differentiation . These combat tools speed up play and help to keep players focused and engaged (especially kids) with visual ques about players and enemies conditions.

If your lucky enough to have a 3d printer, or access to a 3d printer then we have STL files available for over 114 different spells, effects and conditions! We also sell tokens with highlighted text in various packs from starter sets to pick your own sets.

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