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Dungeons and Dragons rises from the basement!

For a long time peoples reactions to admitting you played Dungeons & Dragons was akin to telling them you either eat puppies or spent your whole life in a dim basement with greasy stained clothes, reading comics while swigging gallons of soda. Some people would even think you worshipped Devils! Luckily Dungeons and Dragons, along with role-playing and tabletop games in general has a much better image these days! Some great games, just with less stigma associated with the hobby.

Dungeons and Dragons tabletop terrain and miniatures made by Mystic Pigeon Gaming
Dungeons and Dragons tabletop terrain and miniatures made by Mystic Pigeon Gaming

The change in perception is partly down to the rise in popularity of popular youtube/ streams such as Critical Role, Dice Camera Action (run by the awesome Chris Perkins) and the UK based High Rollers from Yogscast. You could go on for hours listing great D&D / role-playing streams (cough the adventure zone), if you have not seen any, or have not even played immersive role-playing games before then give one a go and I am sure you will be hooked! While Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition is a very popular game (it really is a great system, well worth playing) it is not the only system. Recently Pathfinder, the offshoot from Dungeons and Dragons 3rd edition has released Pathfinder 2nd edition. This re-imagining of the system has taken over 12 years of development knowledge from Pathfinder to create a new slimmer version of the Popular game and is well worth a look. If elves, magic and fantasy worlds are not your bag then you can step into the high tech world of Starfinder or the dark worlds of Warhammer. There is a role-playing game for everyone covering all genres. Not only are tabletop RPG games great fun they are a method of meeting new people, forming connections and friendships (btw their is even a My Little Pony role-playing game from Riverhorse games which is great fun!). Playing rpg's with kids is also a way to help them learn maths, language skills and build confidence! I love hearing peoples D&D stories from funny, whimsical moments to times when role-playing games helped you, so why not share some of your role-playing stories with us?

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