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From Aztec Pyramid, Siege Triceratops to demonic vines - Minis and Terrain in May from Mystic Pigeon

In May I launched my new Patreon with Aztec themed miniatures and terrain, these fit great into a D&D campaign set in or around the forests of Chult (Forgotten Realms campaign setting) such as the tomb of annihilation.

Fearsome monsters have always been a feature of Dungeons and Dragons, one such iconic creature is the legendary beholder capable of shutting down magic while blasting targets with disintegration beams, mind bending domination effects and telekinesis. In honour of the classic beholder I have added an Aztec eye beast with feathered headdress and desert themed treasure base.

Aztec Themed Pyramid

Lost sands obelisks

The lost sands obelisks look great around the pyramid or as mysterious land markers in your desert.

Cactus desert vegetation miniatures

No tabletop would be complete without the small scatter terrain such as vegetation. Simple trees, bushes and plants can really enhance the look of your tabletop. So for a desert based area I have released some desert cactus plants resin miniatures in various styles, even some with gruesome victims!

Demon Vines - The entwined king

Demonic energies seep out of long forgotten temples, twisting the local landscape making even the most innocuous vines into terrifying enemies. The demon vines entwined king resin miniature features a long dead victim entwined in demonic vines.

Awaiting execution resin miniature

Demonic temples and the lairs of cults often have victims / sacrifices awaiting some gruesome fate. The awaiting execution resin miniature features a victim tied to wooden beams surrounded by skulls and rats.

Siege Triceratops

Wondering the forests of Chult is a dangerous business, not only can you find vicious wild creatures and dangerous plants, but also dinosaurs! Some cultures have harnessed the power of these fearsome prehistoric behemoths turning them into engines of war.

The siege triceratops resin miniature features a removable harness with siege arrow launcher.

War room / council chambers furniture

Straying from the theme a little I also released some new 28 mm scaled resin furniture, the war room / council chambers furniture.

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