Enhance your tabletop game with 3d scatter terrain designed and made by Mystic Pigeon Gaming. We offer both painted and unpainted versions (photos show a 28mm scale miniature for size reference only).


Some NPC's awaiting exection? Or are your player characters on trail for a capital crime? Then get the gallows ready with this gruesome set of scatter terrain / miniatures.

Whats included? all items come unpainted, unless you select a painted option.


Full set: 1x Hangman's platform, 1x stocks, 1x guillotine, 1x executioner's axe in chopping block
Stocks: 1x stocks
Guillotine: 1x Guillotine
Hangman's platform: 1x Hangman's platform


Size (approximate) Gallows: 4.7 cm x 4.1 cm x 9 cm
Size (approximate) Hangmans platform: 6cm x 4cm x 8cm 
Size (approximate) stocks: 4 cm x 3cm x 4.2 cm

Executioners set miniatures with hangman's platform, stocks and chopping block

PriceFrom £3.95

Resin, PLA