"Bullywugs" or Frogfolk resin miniatures with a selection of hands / weapons.


Sculpt options: Available in a variety of poses, all of which fit on a 32 mm base.


Wizard "Gandalf the green": Bullywug with wizards hat (including stars and the skull of their familiar) and cloak (comes with staff and sceptre hands by default)
Pose 1: Arms at chest height (comes with random hands by default)
Pose 2: Right arm raised high into the air (comes with random hands by default)
Pose 3: arms close to legs (comes with random hands by default)
Pose 4: head tilted to look slightly up with left hand raised into the air and the right hand at belly level (comes with random hands by default)
Pose 5:  right arm raised to head height with left close to the leg (comes with random hands by default)

"The trio" get two minions and gandalf the green.


Hand options: 


1. Staff (right hand only)
2. Sceptre (left or right)
3. Empty hand (left or right)
4. Power sword (left or right)
5. Hammer with a twisted wooden shaft (left or right)
6. Hammer with a straight metal shaft (left or right)
7. 40k marines style bolter (left or right)


Sculpted by: Michael Wood (Mystic Pigeon Gaming)

What's included: 1 x resin body, 2 x resin hands (Assembly required, base not included.)

Frogfolk miniatures with Gandalf the green

PriceFrom £4.75
Pack style

Resin, 3D printed

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