Scuplted by Mystic Pigeon Gaming this 28 mm scale miniature comes with oars and lantern + lantern pole.


Great for tabletop games such as your Dungeons and Dragons Ghosts of Saltmarch campaign, Pathfinder, roleplaying games and even Warhammer (Age of Sigmar).


Boat size: 65 mm length (approx), 42 mm width (approx), 22 mm height (approx)


Whats included (all parts come unpainted, unless you select a painted finish option)?


- 1x Row boat
- 2x Oars
- 1x Pole Lantern


Note: lantern poles are shipped detached to reduce package volume and protect the delicate parts during transit. Can be attached with superglue, epoxy resin or model plastic glues.

Miniature row boat with oars and lantern poles (28 mm scale)

PriceFrom £6.99

PLA, Resin, Glue (epoxy resin + superglue)