Sci Fi communications bunker array home 3d printing

Looking for some portable communications array, a bunker with geodesic dome topper or a communications bunker for your Star Wars, Warhammer or similar Sci Fi / Cyberpunk tabletop game? Then check out my new comms bunker pack for home 3d printing.

The top of the bunker is removable allowing access to a small 1 person + equipment work area, the roof also has a small blank circular area which can fit the extractor, communications satellite or geodesic dome. This allows you to mix and match your terrain with out having to print loads of different variants.

Print on an FDM or resin printer. Most items can be printed with no supports while a couple of items do require minimal supports. Some of the pieces are supplied with pre-supported versions (designed for resin printers).

These files can be found over on Communications bunker (3D home printing files)

Communications bunker with geodesic array from Mystic Pigeon Gaming

Communications bunker with satellite array from Mystic Pigeon Gaming

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