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UnDeadwood! Critical Roll steps out from D&D 5th edition with a new western show

Matt mercer steps out from behind the Game Masters screen and takes a seat at the players table as Brian W Foster takes the lead on Critical Roles new show UnDeadwood!

On Friday 18th October 2019, critical role aired a new show called UnDeadwood, a savage western style world filled with undead horrors and weird goings on in the western style town of Deadwood. Instead of being a D&D 5th edition show, the new offering from Critical Role uses the savage worlds gaming system by Pinnacle entertainment group. Travis Willingham (the adorable giant cuddly bear of a man) was the first player to reveal their character as a slightly nervous preacher trying to raise money for a burnt down church. A scar on his cheek and a story probably darker than the innocent holy man would have you believe. Within 30 minutes Travis rolled the first die of the new show ..... getting double 1's! The luck of the characters continued throughout the show with more double 1's, stampedes, wounds and dead horses! Without going into any spoilers the characters might be cursed with Wil Wheaton dice!? The cast consists of Brian W Foster as the game master, Ivan Van Norman as The Bartender, Marisha Ray, Matthew Mercer, Khary Payton, Anjali Bhimani, and Travis Willingham. Ivan is an unusual placement being neither a game master nor a player! Instead Ivan is playing the wise all knowing bartender, when players get stuck they can spend one of their coins to seek advice from the bartender and maybe change their bad luck or find new clues about the supernatural goings on around UnDeadwood. All of the cast dressed up for the show and looked fantastic. I loved Marisha Rays and Anjali Bhimanis outfits while Travis looked adorable dressed as the reverend. I am not going to go into details about the casts characters (don't want any spoilers, seriously though, go watch the show it is so good!) but all the characters have dark, mysterious backstories, hidden secrets and some are wanted criminals? From hints at lunar cycles (does anyone smell a werewolf link!?) to innocent .... procurers of anything you need, to shady mercenaries loyal to the highest bidder, the cast has a very interesting group of characters. I really hope we learn more about each ones past and that the series is extended past its short initial run.

You can watch UnDeadwood now on Critical Roles Youtube channel, go watch its really worth it. Why are you still reading this! Go watch UnDeadwood and share what you think about Critical Roles new autumn offering.

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